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Our membership is a statewide partnership of nonprofit and business groups promoting basic family values like security, self-sufficiency, and community by enabling a diversity of Oklahomans to pursue homeownership.

Our vision is that, through quality education and counseling, more people will qualify for homeownership, experience a pleasant purchasing process, and succeed at owning and maintaining their homes.

Our goal is strengthening the economic well-being of our citizens and our local communities. 

Our approach is:

bullet providing a standardized homebuyer education curriculum that is specific to the laws and business practices within the state;
bullet training, certifying and monitoring homebuyer education professionals; and
bullet assisting the delivery of education and counseling through cooperative marketing efforts (such as this website) and a system for referring consumers to local providers

Our view for the purposes of this website is not limited to Oklahoma because we have seen the successes achieved when Americans help Americans. While some housing-related issues are the same across the country, there are  many variations in banking,  real estate laws and practices, and  assistance programs available under local or state control. We believe each state should develop its own network to provide homebuyer education that is relevant to its citizens. We will assist each state to the extent possible and learn from every state who shares in our vision.


Join Us

Annual Membership will be extended to any person or organization making application and demonstrating a commitment to the vision and purposes of the Association. Membership terms, privileges and responsibilities will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee. The membership year is January 1 through December 31.

Individual Membership is a person paying with a personal check. That person's membership moves with them if they change agencies.

Organizational membership is paid by an organization check, and the person for whom it is paid is the designated voter for that organization. Another employee can be named the designated voter if that person leaves the organization. It is the organization that is the member.


The current annual membership rate is:

  $30 per person for corporate employees/ $25 per person for non-profit/government employees


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