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Your American Dream � Tips for Loving Your Home


There are lots of tips on the internet for how to maneuver through the process of selecting and financing a house. Here are some tips

from the Oklahoma Homebuyer Education Association on how to make sure you will be happy with your decision for years to come.


1.      Write down what you need and what you want. Talk it over with your co-buyer. Determine what�s negotiable and what isn�t. Take your checklist with you and compare every house to your standards.

2   Be realistic about what you can afford. Housing should be about 30% of your income. Your house payment should leave you plenty of room to establish a reserve account for maintenance and put away at least 3-6 months income in reserve to ensure against job or medical emergencies. Put money in these accounts every month and don�t use them for gifts, vacations or other purchases. Can�t afford all that? Then think twice about homeownership.

 3. Look for information, not advice. Homeownership is a big commitment. Make your decisions based on your needs not someone else�s opinion. (Remember the checklist!) Be especially aware of potential conflicts of interest. What�s in it for the agent or loan officer can affect what that person tells you.

4.  Never sign anything that is different from what you were told about the deal. The person who tells you �it doesn�t mean that� or �that won�t happen� isn�t the person who will have a problem later. The only thing that matters is what it says in the document you sign. Make sure you can live with every word of it!

5. Don�t commit to homeownership to make your spouse happy or because your parents think it�s time. Homeownership doesn�t make you responsible, it gives you responsibilities.


           Interact with other buyers who may have good questions you haven�t even considered. Talk to a housing professional who has

           nothing to gain from your decision to buy a home. Attend a homebuyer education workshop. See �Workshop Schedule� at





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