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Web-based Education Pilot Identifies Curriculum

and Technology Issues for OHEA


Recently we experimented with providing a one-day OHEA class via webcam. The results were not encouraging for extending webinar-based classes. However, we did learn that itís more than just a technology issue.

The Advanced Placement class was used as the pilot project. This program allows lapsed OHEA educators and experienced professionals from lending, real estate, and housing counseling to demonstrate their proficiency by taking the OHEA exam. Upon successful completion of the exam candidates attend a one-day class on subject matter updates, education methods, and professional ethics. This one-day class was a good opportunity to test our current web capacity as a platform for class work. The classroom curriculum was revised for the web-based presentation to encourage more class involvement in activities. However, the pilot demonstrated that it was difficult to engage participation among those who participated via the web.  

There were technical difficulties the morning of the class even though a trial session  was held with all participants on an earlier date to test the system. The OHEA  curriculum activities used elicited  participation at previous in-person classes, but those using the internet were not responsive. In examining the results we determined that the one-day curriculum is not rigorous enough to provide the level of self-direction required for internet-based education. Additionally, the conference platform available to OHEA  is   not designed to support a virtual classroom.

OHEA has experienced decreasing demand for training that does not support the purchase of extensive new software. Additionally, a more self-directed curriculum requires a larger time investment by both the students and the instructor supervising them. Therefore all OHEA classroom training will require actual in-person attendance  for the foreseeable future.

We also do not anticipate a web-based consumer homebuyer education class in the near future and will continue to refer consumers to eHome America.



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